Common Menopause Symptoms

The most common menopause symptoms are as follows: 

Hot Flushes

Hot flushes are where your body temperature rises at any time without warning and from your chest or neck upwards your become very hot, sweaty and face becomes red.

Night Sweats

Same as hot flushes but you sweat at night time where sleep is disrupted as clothes and bed sheets can become drenched.

Irregular Periods

Periods can become heavy, light, irregular or erratic.

Mood Swings

This can be from feeling happy to aggressive in any moment of time without warning.
also feeling sad, nervous and irritable.

Vaginal Dryness

The vaginal area feels very dry and itchy, becomes very uncomfortable and effect your sex life.


Lack of sexual desire due to hormonal imbalance or vaginal dryness.

For a full list of symptoms please refer to our symptoms page. To keep track of your symptoms you can download our free M for Menopause symptom tracker here, which can be useful to take with when you go to visit your GP or gynaecologist.