Menopause at work

It has always been known that employers have employees with a diverse age group. But, employers, managers and co-workers have been slow in understanding how women of an older age need support relating to menopause at work.  This is because there is no or little understanding of this need.

Each employee should be aware of what menopause is, its symptoms, and the support available in the organisation for employees during menopause, if required.  

For further information, guidance, and support please see our Employers and Employees pages.

How can M for Menopause help?

After I left work, as a result of being unable to cope with my menopausal symptoms at work, I recognised the need for organisations to provide greater support to employees experiencing menopause. This was one of the core reasons why M for Menopause was set up. 

We offer:

  • workshops and presentations for teams, managers and leadership;
  • review of your company’s policies and practices and;
  • support the development of solutions to offer your female employees.
If you are interested in finding out how M for Menopause can support your organisation please use our Get In Touch page or email info@mformenopause.co.uk.