Mental Health Menopause Symptoms

There are a number of menopause symptoms which can affect your mental health. These can include:


A feeling of being uneasy, worried and fear of smallest thing. You may be unable to focus, constantly need reassurance, feeling worried or uneasy a lot of the time, tiredness and wanting to cry and having difficulty sleeping, which makes you feel tired.


Constantly feeling low and sad, lacking in self-esteem, not able to or wanting to socialise and contribute, thinking negatively as well as feeling lonely.

Foggy Brain

This is a feeling of forgetfulness and mental ability to clearly think.


Focusing, having mental blocks, freezing as not remembering what you were about to say or do and able to concentrate on a area.


When your surroundings or people around you are doing the smallest things but this irritates you. This is similar to the effects of anxiety depression and mood swings.

For a full list of symptoms please refer to our symptoms page. To keep track of your symptoms you can download our free M for Menopause symptom tracker here, which can be useful to take with when you go to visit your GP or gynaecologist.