The story behind M for Menopause

Having experienced severe menopausal symptoms whilst I was employed and not knowing what to do, I left employment abruptly, despite being committed to my employer for over 23 years. I had no support at the time, I did not feel comfortable talking to anyone at work and I was very lonely. However, on a positive note this is the reason why M for Menopause was established.

The aim for M for Menopause is to:

If you are going through the menopause, M for Menopause will help you understand:

This is a subject that is not going away. Why? you may ask yourselves,  because our generation is living longer and more women will go through the menopause than before.   So all of you out there (women, husbands, partners, children, employers or employees), no matter who you are, remember this topic will be part of your life in some way.